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Need an Academic English Editor
for Your Thesis or Dissertation?

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To sum up: steady rate of delivery, simple fee structure--all to benefit you, the student.


A copy edit always includes: basic grammar and punctuation, academic style, consistency checks across document, formatting checks (APA, MLA, etc.), accommodating your school's style.


Bonuses: Comprehensive feedback, content pointers, priceless peace of mind.



A word from Dr Crowley, a Language Online editor:

It is a sad fact that many a brilliant proposal is blocked because incorrect APA formatting and poor grammar and language choices were all the committee could find to complain about. It is also true that those standards are there for a reason. Being a sound academic or doctoral candidate implies that one pays attention to detail, and a soundly written and formatted document is one of the ways in which attention to detail and respect for academic standards is assessed.


Think of writing another way. This relates particularly to post-graduate writing. A quote from a university to its students:


During the dissertation review, you will benefit from perspectives and recommendations from eight levels of review; three committee members, one academic reviewer, two IRB reviewers, the APA editor, and the Dean’s review. The purpose of these reviews is not punitive, but is intended to increase your scholarly writing abilities and to ensure that the dissertations produced by students ...
are scholarly in form and style.



A must-get is the self-help Language Online guide:

21 Proofreading Tips

Fetch your own copy right now.


Once you have created your best work, we recommend a skilled editor and in particular, a Language Online editor. By submitting your best, you are ensuring that the editor takes your work a step further. Otherwise, we are simply tidying what you could have done yourself. 


The reasons for using a professional editor are twofold:


    1. Most authors are too close to their work. Nothing out of the ordinary. Frankly, I never do the final check of my own work. I’m too involved with my “creation” to see all the errors. I get help.  
    2. Save yourself money and time. Yes, you read correctly: paying for editing now, saves you time and money later on . You should certainly send us your best effort, but thereafter we will see any of the inconsistencies in the language and formatting that escaped your eye. That is our skill. We always provide feedback on why changes are needed. That way, you learn at the same time and become steadily more proficient at writing. A good edit frees you to focus on content. Save yourself many hours of repeated editing, and rewriting, and not knowing if you have found all the errors. One student told me about a cohort member who was determined to only self-edit. Eighteen months later and five unsuccessful submissions later, he is still trying. Remember, if a student, your studies are a lifelong investment. Present the best final paper you can. Get help when needed. A master's or doctoral document cannot be changed after the fact. It is a living testament to what your achieved or did not achieve. Be sure to use a good editor and make your writing the best you can.


Why Language Online?


Here is what existing clients say .

Reliable, delivers on time, accurate editing and reviewing, talented team,

have the client’s interest at heart, and .... more. Read below and the Testimonials page.


Interested in knowing more about team and the history of the company and of course our track record?

Read the detail on the About Us page.

Read the Testimonials to see more.


If you are in fact ready to submit,

read the Guidelines page or

go straight to the Submit page.


Different clients focused on different areas. Here is a summary.


  • We came recommended. This could be an instructor, mentor, classmate, or often even a family member or friend. Naturally this reason is my favorite.


If you are a referral, you are probably ready for the Submit page.


But not everyone who finds us will know about us in advance.

So I kept digging.


Do read the Testimonials page at some point.

And if you have questions, see if the FAQs can help 


  • Software,templates, and grammar checkers have their limits. The personal touch is important. So we promise: just a caring real live editor. In fact, our system requires a second person to do extra checks, so you get great value for your money. Two for the price of one. Sure software has its place, but so does professional academic editing.
  • Clients need to be confident that their editor will respect their writing or academic voice. You need to know that you have an ethical writing partner. So no promises or unrealistic guarantees from us about writing your paper for you or giving you the perfect paper. The more we work together, the more likely your writing voice will become strong and confident. Whether tutoring or editing, we are careful to maintain your voice, your style: we maintain your academic integrity. You certainly want to avoid being accused of buying your work or worse of plagiarism. Use us with confidence and be assured of quality and consistency.


Have I described your situation?

Then read the Guidelines page or

go straight to the Submit page.


  • Writing is never just about you. Important to know that and accept it. No doubt others also will have a say in what you write and how you write. We are good at and familiar with standard language and formatting norms. If you know of a style preference you are required to incorporate, tell us in advance and we will include it in our edits. All schools, businesses, and publishers have a house style. You should be sure to pass on all style requirements upfront. We will incorporate all style preferences, but need to know before we start the edit. Students like this flexibility. We do not insist that there is only one way, namely our way. It means each edit we do is customized. We help you achieve what is required of you.


Ready for the Guidelines or Submit pages?


  • Our English second language clients (ESL) appreciate our extensive ESL experience. All the LOL team members are native speakers, but are based internationally. Hence our exposure is varied and we are sensitive to the difficulties of writing in a language not your own. Many team members speak another language and this is a great help in understanding the differences between English and other languages.
  • Many of the students we edit are ESL students or have the influence of a different home language on their English. Quite simply this means whatever you write will have the usual ESL problems. Do not expect that one edit will fix everything. Know that every time you write, you will probably introduce new language errors. Students appreciate that we understand this. Our successful ESL students understand that repeated edits are usually required. It is important to budget for more than one edit of the same chapters. One edit is seldom wise. 

If this answers a query, please first read the Guidelines

and then Submit.


  • We are really clear about our timing and keep our promises. Clients can schedule accurately round our commitment to the day. We work at a steady pace and make no rash promises about quick turnaround times. You have put in many hours of hard work and much time into creating your work. We in turn need sufficient time to give your work the care it deserves and quite simply a decent amount of time is required.
  • Payment: in truth, our fees are really competitive amongst the reputable editors. Also the flat-rate approach means no nasty surprises later on. You pay the stated rate and that’s it. Provided you have counted your pages correctly, there is no discussion about payment needed. You know exactly what the fee is and can plan accordingly. No need for you to first email us for a quote, and no requests for more money later on in the process from us. This is a major benefit for a client. Paying upfront means all money-matters are sorted out from the start and discussions about finances will never cloud the process.


All square and on the level is our motto.

A reminder to read the Guidelines first and then to Submit.


Like all editing services, we do have our specialties.


  • We have worked extensively in the academic world. We work with all students from undergrad to post grad. Whether a term paper, a class paper, a report, a manuscript, a thesis, a proposal, a dissertation, or journal research, we have the experience.


    1. Our help is diverse. We can guide you to improve a short paper, or edit a longer paper. We have extensive experience with online students, returning adult students and particularly with English second language students. We are familiar with different referencing systems (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, etc.) and work comfortably in US or UK English. Tell us your requirements and we will accommodate them.
    2. Need to have a research paper published? All faculty and universities understand how this is the essence of staying alive our there in academia. Publishing is essential. Make sure you let us edit your paper before submission. Be sure to clarify which journal as we will research the journal or publication you are planning to submit to and ensure the style requirements are applied accurately.
    3. University admin and faculty also use us for copy editing. Why? Surely they of all people do not need us? Wrong. We are not close to the work and see those annoying errors that authors miss.


  • Business editing: We enjoy working with the business world. Business people are busy, but understand the importance of correct copy. They know that it is easy to miss your own errors and that mistakes affect the bottom line. They like to focus on their area of expertise and leave the business of language to the language experts.


If a student, please read the Guidelines page first.

Otherwise, use the Submit page to get your work to us right now.


If your school has partnered with us in any way or worked with us at any point, please read your specific Guidelines as well. This includes Centrum Católica (Peru), University of Phoenix (US), Ashford University (US), Western International University (US).


Interested, but NOT quite ready?

No problem.

Make sure to sign up for the Newsletter and/or Grammar Tips and be sure to download your free self-help guide: 

21 Proofreading Tips

That way, we'll be in touch when you are ready  .




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